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Anti-rape wear. Its almost impervious to knife attacks and tearing/stretching.

The waist and thigh extremities of the garment are cut and tear resistant (the guy in the video cant cut them with industrial scissors) and they cannot be moved more than a few centimetres when locked into place, the forward area in front of the genitals is also reinforced.

Please, for the love of god, even if you cant donate, just spread this idea wherever you can, they need $50,000 to be able to manufacture it and they currently have just over $6,000 with 20 days left.

Go to to donate and/or view their full info.













i’m going to vomit on whoever wrote this

i’m so angry

where do i go to punch someone 


Whoever wrote this shit



And they wonder why so many girls in todays world have body image issues and eating disorders when this is the view of the media? Fuck you. This woman is beautiful, and more importantly, healthy. So what if she has cellulite. I have cellulite in the same places and I’m 23. Yes, I used to not wear shorts in summer because I hated the look of them but now I want to go over them in bright yellow highlighter pen and use a sharpie to draw a big arrow that says “Scarlett Johansson has these too”. Please highlight more ways in which this woman supposedly “looks like hell” because those will be the things that most young woman can associate themselves with and comments like these are the reasons for the low self esteem of the entire female population.

Yes. I’m in a ranting mood today.


Who gave this person the right to determine who “looks like hell”?

If that’s what hell looks like, I want to look like hell.

Is ‘looks like hell’ a new euphemism for ‘smoking hot’, and nobody told me? Because seriously, the fuck is that asshole talking about otherwise.

I read recently that the percentage of women who get cellulite is approximately the same as the percentage of women who develop breasts.

We’re taught to shame and hate our bodies for things our bodies are naturally supposed to have.

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